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music emotional perception
vieni wrote in psychology
Dear fellow psychologist,

I'm doing research on musical emotion and I can offer you an online psychological quiz that will tell you what you like about music and will help me to find out how similar we people are.

Here is how it goes:
1. Select the genre that you like.
2. Listen to fragments of songs (whole pieces also available) and tell me how you felt (you just need to select from a list).
3. Get feedback on how your musical taste is different from that of other people and which emotional content you prefer in music.
4. Help me to collect research data for my ph.d.!

You might spend as much time as you like on it, from 1 minute to half an hour. In any case, thank you a lot!

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I had some problems with built-in media player. I've tried Firefox 19.0 and Chrome but could not hear more than one song at a time


Thanks very much for reporting this, I just checked but couldn't reproduce it. Can you describe it more? So, you play one song, then you press next and get the same song again? Or application crashes in some way?

Media player crashed and I couldn't hear anything after the first song.
Then I've switched from Ubuntu 12.04 to Ubuntu 10.10 and this bug's vanished. May be it was my OS problem

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