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Easy way to fight laziness
dilesoft wrote in psychology
(The title of this article is taken on the analogy of the book by Allen Carr, but the article is written by me not him). :)

I want to tell about my method to fight laziness.

To apply it, you do not need the strength of the will, do not require a special mindset, possession of enthusiasm, the absence of depression, or to have ants in your pants, attend NLP courses or Shaolin Monastery. Suffice it to commit acts that are capable of even the laziest person in the world.

Before you begin, I’ll destroy two myths surrounding the notion of "laziness". The two myth that prevent millions of people from stop being lazy.

The first myth is that laziness is considered to be independent of human will, and an integral and unavoidable feature of one’s character. It is complete nonsense. Laziness is only certain patterns of behaviour and habits. And habits can be changed.

The second myth is in the phrase: "Laziness is when I do nothing". It is complete nonsense too.

Because when people say "I’m lazy", they don’t do nothing but they are:
  1. Eating.
  2. Watching TV.
  3. Listening to music.
  4. Watching cinema.
  5. Browsing the Internet.
  6. Playing a computer game.
  7. Reading books.
  8. Resting on the sofa.
  9. Chatting, walking or drinking with friends and neighbours.
  10. And so forth.
All these – are actions.

Another point is that they begin to take up to 6 hours per day and begin to interfere with life.

Therefore, a true definition of laziness is as follows: "Laziness is a futile action" .

And now the method. It is concentrated in a single phrase: "To stop being lazy, you should do nothing" .

I am not kidding. I use this method for two years. I began to apply it directly in severe depression.

How to apply this method?

Let's say you want to do something. You decide (and better – write down on paper), when you start and how long it will take to deal with. Let's say you decide to start doing it at 11:00 and will deal with it next two hours (until 13:00). At 11:00 you start to struggle with laziness, namely, doing nothing . This means you stop everything listed above. Generally stop doing anything.

Just sit or stand in the room. Don’t lie down, it will lead the body into a state of sleep. Soon (I felt in a few minutes) you’ll feel that you can get to work. In your head you’ll got a clarification of what is to be done right now. And you will start doing it.

To insure you from possible mistake – it is enough to know just the next action to get to work. There is no need to conceive the whole amount of work. If the first step is to click the “Start” button, click it, even if you don’t know what will be the next step (or don’t want to commit it).

Once clicked, you’ll soon remember and want to continue. If during the work you’ll have an attack of laziness again – stop doing anything for a while. And you would soon return to the operating state.

That’s all.

This method can be applied at any time for any affairs. I repeat – you need nothing else to do. You do not need to convince yourself that you must work. There is no need to make an effort.

There is no need, moreover, you must not push your thoughts. You must allow your thoughts to run freely in any direction. If the work is interrupted by the stream of consciousness it is not scary. I’ve measured specifically, the longest stream of consciousness lasts 7 minutes. And ends, often giving you a useful idea.

Those who will use this method, please leave your questions about some possible difficulties.

I’ll help you, answer your questions, and make changes to the article to describe and solve your problems. Answers to many questions can already be read in the comments to this post. Finally, note that you can begin to apply this method not only at 11:00, but right now.

Just stop do anything .

P. S. Reprinting this article is allowed anywhere online, indicating that its author is Dmitry Leykin aka DileSoft. This article can be printed offline for non-commercial purposes. For commercial publishing of this article – contact me by e-mail:

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This is very interesting. It could use a little editing, though. Let me know in my journal if you'd like me to do a little copy edit for you.

This isn't a bad idea. Even if it doesn't work as intended, the alternative outcome is that you'll become an accomplished meditator...

Sounds interesting. I plan on doing it tomorrow, noon to 1PM. I'll let you know how it goes. Rich

Re: let's get empirical

Interesting. i will start using it right now. I´ll let you know.

Re: let's get empirical


Re: let's get empirical


this is really genius i think. maybe not for everyone but i think this will work for me. i'll try to stay updated

cool idea i think i'll try applying it. Do you have any solutions for concentration problems?

dude... diz sounds like a plan... only outrageously lazy soln would defeat laziness.... ur soln is sooooo comforting that i would prefer doing nothing( a conscious choice -wid possible benefits of productiv future action-therefore no guilt) than do laziness !!(wow, i'm etymologist also now) and feel guilty....

y did no one ever think like this?
what would a lazy person want?? - to be lazy.... ofcourse !
and also be lil productive n hence not guilty...

this approach should sell like ...err... porn man... (sry 4 d gross eg, but it's true sex cells like nothin else... do u see the rhyming? i could b a poet too !! XD).

nice job man.... this was such a small, short, yet practical article...
this is really cool man... u rock buddy!! yes, u really do!

You have a point for sure , but seems like it is not working because guys which posted before me never got back , probably still too lazy to do it :)


Laziness can never be defined better than this...
I the who is suffering from it every day

WHAT IF ... you're sitting there and you know what you have to do, (The start button), but then you're already relaxed enough you don't want to do anything else BUT to just stand or sit there, and eventually give up and lay back and get distracted?

Does this make sense, seems like it would happen to me

i guess that's why OP said don't lay down. perhaps sitting for even longer and resisting the urge to lay down would become uncomfortably boring that you have to get up and do whatever it is that you have to do?


I think they are pressing start button on everything and don't have time to press computer start button.

This method seems to me quite logical and I think it might work. I will definitely try it and write about the results. Thanks in advance. My first step to non-lazy world is done :DDD !!!!!!!!!

Hey, I've actually tried this spontaneously myself, once, and it did work for, like, a few days, but I got back to my old rythm. I guess this works, IMHO, if you have avoidance issues and keep doing whatever to avoid doing stuff that needs be done. When U stop, you feel the need to occupy your time with something, and since you don't allow yourself to be lazy, work gets in pretty easily. Difficult is to maintain this fixation on work, because we all engage in some r&r everyday, so, it kind of defeats the rythm of establishing a new working pattern. Old habits die hard.

Loved it. So true. When we are lazy we're never really doing nothing. We're just doing something that's not work or obligation out of our rest time.
The technique I found very helpful because when you are not distracted with nothing you get to think and realize that you are waisting your life if you don't do the things you know you have to in order to grow and achieve the things you want.
Thank you.

Why resistant to clean up?

Good point.

I haven't tried it yet, but like the concept. Suppose, the first couple of minutes one have to cope with the fear (anxiety) of doing nothing, and then, when noticing nothing is harming you, you can let your mind 'walk along its own path". Maybe the fear of being punished for doing nothing, is the reason for doing 'as if' things like watching TV, playing PC-games etc.

However, please tell me, somebody, why is it that sometimes it is extremely difficult for me keeping my house in order? If I spill some coffee on the table, my mind tells me to clean it up, but somehow I cannot force myself to do it. Or I just drop my cloth anywhere, instead of at the right place. What is the reason for this resistance, what am I afraid of? or is it about being resistant towards authorities i.e. my inner demanding voice, inherited from my parents demands in my childhood?

Re: Why resistant to clean up?

Okay, now I've tried it, and I think it works. Actually it is similar to the power-nap concept.

However I have meanwhile done some reflections: Genuine laziness may be when you feel good about being lazy: watching TV, playing PC-games etc.

My kind of laziness is unwilling laziness, which means I don't feel good about it, that I am missing energy and motivation for doing something meaningful. Well, I suppose that everybody seeking a cure for laziness, belongs to 'my' category. The other ones are happy with their coke, chips and TV, getting fatter and fatter, and finally merge with the sofa...

Back to the method. It worked. As expected, first, I got a bit anxious about doing real nothing, and thought 'no I'll take a hot shower instead of' and 'i'll make me a cup of coffee'. But I insisted on keep on doing nothing, telling myself it was okay, and started counting 1,2,3... to occupy my restless mind. After some minutes I relaxed more. Finally - maybe too early - I decided to do something productive, namely taking a work and doing shopping. This I am about to do now, just about to leave my flat now... good luck

Re: Why resistant to clean up?

... so, back from walk and shopping. It was very productive, I bought Coca Cola, Chips and rent a DVD-movie..ha ha, just kidding. Anyway the big test will be if I can get started writing the paper, which is 'starring' at me with its evil eye.. Enjoy :-)

(-_-) Cool! i like this!

Thank you for the great info. it's just so hard to fight laziness when you feel too lazy to fight it.. hehe! but good thing to know,. all i have to do is to do nothing.. i'm doing it before, i was not that only aware that it's the right technique! ^_^ tnx again..

thanking you from the bottom my heart


Your methods work well bt this one problem is that while i am writing my essay the facebook and youtube page are all so close and it may be funny but i get this urge to go right back to it!!
Its too hard! Got any solutions?
Also i feel that i have two different personalities because in the morning i would say that i HAVE TO DO THIS but when im doing it i just dont do it and surf the web :( right now im loocking for a solution but plz im desperate!!!!

So, you need to explore your surfing the web. Self-watch and self-describe it for enough time.

Makes sense

I actually agree with this idea. There have been times when my cell phone or internet has been off and I find myself more productive because I dont have anything to interfere with my tasks that needed to be done. However, I do feel that I need the motivation to take time to do "nothing" cause I could easily sit on the computer and ignore what needs to be maybe instead on focusing on motivation to do what needs to be done, I should motivate myself to surf the web less and turn my cell phone off at diff parts of the day (think baby steps lol), because once boredom sets in I catch myself accomplishing everything I avoided with my laziness.

let me try and if u see me here again then it worked.

i am back! why so soon??? so i am moving on nov 1, i need to pack and today i finally started sorting my closet. so now closet is half way done. after i read your method, i really got up from my couch, stand in the corner for like 3 minutes and then went to bathroom to sort things to boxes....wasnt concentrated on sorting from the very beginning. so after 10minutes i came back to my pc:-((( do u know why?

I'll try it

thanks a lot for the information my friend


I am very pressured right now. Because sometimes I got really excited to study but when I started studying i feel so sleepy. But when I open our tv I'm not sleepy anymore. Please help me. I really need to focus in studying PHP and Oracle. Please tell me what to do.



this is so interesting! I think I am the Queen of Lazies :) ... I have to write my essays and I freaking can't!! damn it!.... I liked your gonna try it

Dmitriy, a est kakoy nibud material na etu zhe temu? spasibo

what if by doing nothing your minds gone wild for hours and leads you into imagination? i ususlly spend more than 3 hour aday doin notin. just sit. nothing change.

Hi! I love your way of thinking. I think you're so right about laziness not being "not doing anything". But I do have some questions/concerns. This standing/sitting position you are talking about, do I need to have my eyes closed, or anything like that? I'm kind of afraid to try it. I'm not sure I would be able to stop my "stream of consciousness" as you call it, or thought flow. I'm afraid it will just go on and on...

And maybe just one more thing. I would really appreciate your input on something else. Economy in our country is really bad this days. Many young people (including myself) can't get (paid) work. I sometimes feel like doing something, anything really, not even remotly related to my line of work (like watching tv for hours on end), is better than doing nothing. It's just this fear, you know, that the "doing nothing" part will last. Sometimes it feels like anything you do, if you don't have a job is sort of futile. (I hope my grammar isn't too bad.)

It's no problem. If too many "stream", you MUST see all of it, because it is what blocks you from your subconscious. When you will can go work, you go work.

I think its a really cool idea it too may work on me

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