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The Psychology Community
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All things related to the science (and occasional art) of psychology
Welcome to our discussion forum for all topics within the fields of psychology! Psychology is certainly a diverse field, so topics within the field can cover a lot of ground. Feel free to introduce yourself and let us know about any particular special interests that you have -- you might find some unexpected common ground with other people.

It is very important to note that this is not a place to seek psychological diagnoses for yourself or for people you know, nor is it a place for personal counseling or informal therapy. While there may even be some qualified professionals here, please understand that valid help cannot be offered in a place like this. If you have a personal problem with which you would like help, talk to a professional in person. If you would like help figuring out who to talk to, or if you are looking for clarification of ideas or concepts, feel free to ask away here. That being said, it's fine to ask others' educated opinions on things, but any advice given can be friendly advice and nothing more.

Finally, if you have a question about school-related issues (universities, areas of study, graduate programs, etc.), you might want to consider posting it to psych_students instead. Most members of this community who are students are also members of that community, so hopefully this makes some sense. Typically, it should not be necessary to cross-post between the two.

Here are a few rules that probably need to be stated:
  1. Play nice. Personal attacks are counter-productive.

  2. Do not play "counselor" and do not look for counseling here. A hint/tip or a point-in-the-right-direction is okay, but this community can obviously not be a place of therapy. This includes requests for psychopharmacological counseling and dream interpretation. For the former, talk to a doctor; for the latter, you're on your own.

  3. If you post an entry to the community seeking personal help or a diagnosis for yourself or for someone you know, you will be asked to change the nature of the content to something more neutral. If you cannot do this, your post will have to be deleted.

  4. Post anonymously only when absolutely necessary (and you'll know when that is). Unnecessary anonymous comments are at risk for deletion by the moderator. If you do not have a LiveJournal account, you can create one very easily by following the instructions here.

  5. Keep discussions open for all members. The screening of incoming comments should be necessary only on a very rare occasion, and when that is, the reason should be obvious and openly stated. It should never be necessary to completely disallow comments.

  6. Learn and have fun!

Here are the (hopefully) rare conditions that will lead to someone being banned from the community:
  1. A non-member whose only posts are non-productive or attacking in nature. These individuals will be assumed to be trolls.

  2. A member who has ignored warnings to change non-productive, and/or attacking behaviors. Banning of members will be a last resort.

  3. Anyone who blatantly spams the community with irrelevant material/solicitations
All bans are potentially temporary

If you have any questions or gripes, talk to puhsitch.

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